Want to pass first time? Move to the East

Drivers in the East of England have the best chance of passing their test first time according to an AA survey.

The average UK driver takes 1.98 attempts to pass, but those from the East take just 1.87 attempts. Perhaps unsurprisingly learners in London and the South-east struggle the most, taking 2.09 and 2.11 attempts on average respectively.

As well as where you live, there is evidence to suggest that being taught by your dad is not the best option either – the pass rate for those who learnt to drive with a friend or relative fell to 15 percent below the national average.
But lessons are not enough it seems, and the Driving Standards Agency reckons that the average successful test entrant has 45 hours of lessons and 22 hours of private practice.

"Busy, complex roads in London and the South-east appear to contribute to learners there finding it slightly more difficult," said AA Driving School director Simon Douglas. "In some less-populated regions, learners find it relatively less challenging. But these variations pale in comparison with the difference between those who do and don't learn with professional instructors."
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