Drunk in charge of a milk float

A milkman has been banned from driving after being found drunk and slumped next to his milk float.

Thomas McGreevy, 58, told magistrates that he had been drinking whisky the previous night and that morning in a bid to alleviate the chronic back pain he had been suffering. Despite this 'excuse', he was banned from driving for 30 months, and ordered to do 180 hours of unpaid work. He also had to stump up £85 in court costs.

According to The Daily Mail, concerned villagers thought McGreevy had been attacked when they found him on the pavement next to his milk float, but police quickly established that the head injury he had suffered was due to falling from the vehicle.
He had been a milkman for 30 years at the time of the incident, when he was found to have 130mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath, nearly four times the legal limit of 35mg.

McGreevy's solicitor said: "It was a one-off episode. He had taken the drink in order to alleviate pain in his back because some months previously he had suffered a serious injury to his spine.

"Some people may consider what happened to be amusing, but the reality is that if you are caught riding around in a milk float, during the course of your employment, very intoxicated, it is not a laughing matter."

And he is right; it is not funny at all. Not remotely...
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