Report calls for larger road signs for the elderly

Elderly drivers should be catered for through measures such as larger road signs and high-contrast white lines according to a report released by the RAC Foundation.

The report, which titles itself "Maintaining safe mobility for the aging population," points out that 16 percent of the population is over 65, and suggests that the average age of drivers is also on the rise.

It states the importance of maintaining personal mobility for as many old people as possible, stating that there are social impacts, such as health and social services having to make more home visits.

RAC Foundation director Stephen Glaister, 63, said: "Being unable to drive can lead to isolation and increased dependency on the goodwill of others." However, the Foundation does not support the retesting of drivers at the age at 70.

The report is littered with fantastic observations though, such as: "older pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to serious injury and death." Far better to put them in a car then...

Surely more communication between the medical profession and the licence authorities would help, rather than adapting a road network to allow for those that can't see well enough to read the road signs.

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