Lexus stops sales of another vehicle in the States

Lexus has chosen to withdraw another of its vehicles from sale in the States after claims from the magazine Consumer Reports that the GX 460 is prone to tip over.

The problem is said to be with the electronic vehicle stability system, which aims to catch and correct the car should it go into a skid. Consumer Reports suggested the rear of the GX "slid out until the vehicle was almost sideways before the electronic stability-control system was able to regain control".

The article warned that it felt this could then lead to the car tipping over, but, disregarding personal safety and all that, we think the video Consumer Reports has released (which you can see after the break) tells a different story.
Anyone who gets up to the sort of speed the testers manage on the track while on their commute or school run should probably expect an accident anyway. All that seems to happen in the video is the car gets into a heroic slide, before the traction control catches the tail and sends the car on its merry way.

Doubtless Lexus will tweak the stability system, but as it has only sold 5,000 GX 460 in America, and it is not offered over here anyway, this is a bit of a fuss over nothing.

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