Brave Britney reveals her real figure

Caroline Cassidy

In what is possibly the bravest celebrity move since Jamie Lee Curtis went au naturel for More magazine, pop megastar Britney Spears has released both airbrushed and unaltered images of herself. The teen icon allowed the real her to be seen alongside a digitally-enhanced image as part of her latest shoot for fashion label Candie's.

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In two shots, taken from the front and the back, the 29-year-old's blemishes, bruises, tell-tale dimpling and dry skinned feet can plainly be seen alongside a slimmer, smoother, more 'perfect' version of her body. In fact, the Photoshopped snap shows an altogether tighter, firmer and clearer-skinned Britney.

A source told the Daily Mirror: "Britney is proud of her body - imperfections and all."

Airbrushing scandals have been rocking the world of fashion and celebrity for some months now with waists smaller than heads and other such images making the headlines. And Ms Spears' bid to highlight the pressures of perfection is certainly a brave one.

It is certainly true that Britney is beautiful, bruises or no bruises, but will her efforts have the desired effect? It is well known that young girls, who so often fall prey to the pressure to look thin, toned and tanned, get much of their inspiration from popstars like Britney, as well as the pages of fashion magazines.

But will seeing Britney's imperfections have those impressionable young women happily accepting their own perceived flaws or will they simply be further pushed to emulate the skinnier, more "perfect" version of their idol?