Ron Dennis slams Bugatti Veyron as 'junk'

Nic Cackett

Ron Dennis, the outspoken chairman of Mclaren Automotive, has branded the Bugatti Veyron a "complete piece of junk", and claimed that the £1.3m hypercar needed ten attempts to beat the Mclaren F1 in a drag race staged by Top Gear in Abu Dhabi.

Dennis savaged the world's fastest car in an interview with Arabian Business. His comments followed the unveiling of Mclaren's own supercar, the MP4-12C, in the UK last month. Dennis sacrificed his place at the head of the brand's prestigious F1 team to concentrate on making the new supercar a success.

He told the magazine that: "The Bugatti Veyron is a complete piece of junk. I think it is. I believe I can look at a range of women and I can see beauty in most of them, but I can look at a Bugatti and I think it is pig ugly.