Brooklands' banked-turn up for sale

Brooklands, the legendary motor-racing circuit, has been put up for sale and will be broken up in to bits in the process.

But fans of the derelict track need not fear – it is all part of a scheme backed by TV presenters James May and Tiff Needell to raise money for Brooklands Museum in a bid to preserves its place in British motor racing history.

Square-yard sized chunks of the historic track are available for sponsorship, with the lower section of the bank priced at £95, mid-level chunks at £125 and the top tier coming in at £150. 1,980 will go on sale, aiming to raise over £200,000 for the museum.
Sponsors will be able to see their square on the Brooklands Museum website, or better still, hunt down its approximate position on the track in person. To sponsor a section of track, head to the Banking on Brooklands website -
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