Jamie Oliver slates "yobbo binge drinkers" via Twitter

Fresh from attempting to change the eating habits of America's fattest city, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has launched a scathing attack on binge drinkers.

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Seemingly not content with putting the food world to rights, Jamie took to Twitter to vent his frustrations over the "idiots" clogging up the NHS each weekend.

"We must start fining these idiot weekend yobbo binge drinkers for their cost to the UK NHS, then spend the money on people that really need help," he tweeted. He added: "We can't afford fixing drunks. People in need have no choice; weekend drunks have a choice."

Many of the chef's followers were quick to oppose his views, one pointing out that the NHS works so well because of its refusal to discriminate and questioned whether obese patients should also face fines.

Jamie replied: "Brother, now you are talking. For many it's an addiction and yes drunks can be as well, I know. So where is the line? Big debate - NHS won't last forever."

Apparently Jamie's outburst stemmed from a BBC documentary on Great Ormond Street, shown on Tuesday night. His spokesman told the Daily Mail: "The NHS spends £3 billion a year treating alcohol-related sickness according to a recent Oxford University study. Jamie isn't against people drinking alcohol sensibly but he's angered by the increase in binge drinking and its cost to the taxpayer."

But as one Twitter fan suggested: "People don't follow you for political comment mate."

What do you think? Is Jamie right to suggest fines for binge-drinkers or should he stick to what he knows best?