Driver blames alien road hogs for bus lane infringement

There's isn't a soul amongst us who hasn't tried to be a little flexible with the truth when caught in the act, but there are some people who really do excel at taking the Michael.

Southwark Council has revealed a catalogue of bizarre excuses that motorists come up with when they appeal against traffic violations, and some really do need to be seen to be believed.

Top of the weirdo tree is the driver who claimed he had been forced to swerve into a bus lane by an oncoming alien spaceship. Unfortunately, the traffic camera which caught him somehow failed to capture the intergalactic craft, and he was forced to pony up the £120 fine.

Next up is the gentleman who appealed against a ticket by insisting that his colour-blindness meant that the double yellow lines beneath his car appeared blue, and he had no idea that parking was restricted.

Gill Davies, the parking chief of Southwark Council, told the Daily Telegraph that: "The imagination of some of the drivers is quite impressive.

"But UFOs and colour blindness unfortunately do not count as legitimate reasons to overturn a parking ticket."

Of course turning down the appeals of people who believe you can park anywhere when it's raining or if you're tired is understandable, but the notoriously ruthless council neglected to reveal the excuses contained in the successful appeals against its penalties.

There can't have been many: Southwark Council collected £6m in parking tickets last year. That's more than Manchester and Birmingham combined.
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