First Drive: Honda CR-Z

Richard Bremner

Scramble Assist – is this a gyroscopic egg-whisk, or a device to get sleepy RAF pilots out of the mess and into the air? Nope, it's a feature of Honda's neat new CR-Z hybrid coupe, which is a sporty way to go green for a not unreasonable sum of money.

The base price of this slick little coupe is £16,999, which compares pretty well with say, a Renault Megane Coupe or a Volvo C30, and certainly an Audi TT or the VW Scirocco, which cost significantly more. True, the German models are better finished inside, but the Honda gets eyes staring at least as effectively. The CR-Z's not as quick either with its combined petrol-electric power output of 124bhp, but it's brisk for the money and stands a good chance of turning in fuel consumption on the right side of 40mpg.