Ferrari reveals its fastest ever road car

Ferrari has just unveiled its fastest ever road car in the shape of the new 599 GTO, a 662bhp V12-powered scalpel that's reputedly quicker round the Fiorano test track than an Enzo.

Based on the 599XX track car, the lightweight GTO weighs just 1,495kg and rockets to 62mph in just 3.35 seconds, but it's the car's chassis development that stands the new Ferrari apart. The manufacturer claims the GTO has been tuned close to the limits of handling responsiveness, and that understeer has been all but eradicated from the driving experience.

Predictably, the 599 is also brimming with Ferrari's latest technology. The GTO gets second-generation carbon-ceramic brakes, new aerodynamic innovations, Michelin-developed Supersports tyres and a Virtual Race Engineer system which feeds the driver with real time information on the car's performance.
The 6.0-litre engine beneath that blood-red bonnet is a road-legal version of the V12 lump at the heart of the 599XX. All 662 of the GTO's horses arrive at the 8,250rpm redline, while the maximum 457lb ft of torque is found at 6,500prm. Ferrari is promising a smooth, constant rush of power all the way to a 208mph top speed.

To help keep all that power on the road, the car generates 144kg of downforce at 124mph thanks to its F1 derived aerodynamics. The GTO incorporates a separate lower wing on the front spoiler, as well as new diffusers on the underbody. At the same time drag has been reduced by using wheel doughnuts to channel the hot air produced by the disc brakes along the body of the car.

The GTO also benefits from the latest-generation F1-Trac traction control system which offers the driver different control parameters regarding the car's electronic assistance, including the option to turn the system off completely. It will be a brave owner who fingers this switch on the road as a written off GTO will not be easily replaced; just 599 will be built and we doubt there'll be much change from £285,000 when the prices are confirmed.
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