Vauxhall announces Arctic Astra VXR

Vauxhall is making a limited edition version of its Astra VXR, dubbed the Arctic.

In a bizarre naming policy, the Arctic comes in the middle of spring, and has nothing to tie it to the chilly continent other than its colour – all 500 of the special editions will be white.

That oddity aside, this looks like a decent way to get a hefty amount of kit over the standard VXR – it gets heated leather Recaro seats, 19-inch alloy wheels and tinted glass. Apparently the extras should cost £1,965, but bump up the standard VXR's price by just £720 to £23,595.
It will be instantly recognisable by the black roof it comes with as standard, and the optional panoramic windscreen – this stretches the glass up and over the driver's head in a similar style to the new Citroen C3.

Thankfully none of this weighs the Arctic down, and it will still get to 60mph in the expected 6.2 seconds, and keep going to 152mph. It also boasts the lowered and upgraded suspension of the VXR and is available now.
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