Renault to make 'Big Brother' style TV show

The announcement started so well – "Fancy spending a month this summer driving across Europe, in Renault's latest two open-top cars, and being in with a chance of winning the £40,000-plus pair of striking two-door models in the process?"

But there is always a catch with these things, and in this case it is that you will not just be given two cars and told to go and enjoy yourself – Renault is making a reality TV show to fill the gap created by the lack of Big Brother and X-Factor for the time being.

The show is to be called 'Very Good Trip,' and certain aspects of the plan make it sound like it will be an enjoyable journey.
It claims contestants will immerse themselves in the cuisine and culture of eight European countries, with the trip starting at the film festival at Cannes on 14 June.

But the hindrance to any enjoyment from a four-week long road trip with a mate is that "each team will be accompanied by a TV crew 24 hours a day, to capture key moments on the 5,000 kilometre route". Slightly ruins the whole experience really.

The show is to air on and potential contestants should upload a video to, detailing why they think they should be chosen. Contestants must enter as a pair though, meaning two excuses will need to be found for the boss to explain why you won't be around much in June.
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