National pet month

It's time to plan for National Pet Month, which runs from 3rd April to 3rd May 2010. Across the country animal lovers will spend the next month spreading the word on responsible pet ownership. This year's theme is 'Healthy pets make happy pets'. So if you love cats, adore dogs or rave about rabbits why not get involved.

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National Pet Month is a registered charity that aims to improve the welfare of Britain's pets. In order to make this happen the organisation seeks to make people aware of the benefits of pets for people and people for pets.

It increases awareness of services available from professionals who work with animals and demonstrates the value and contribution to society of working companion animals.

It achieves this by working together with businesses, youth groups, charities and schools. You can do your bit to help make life better for the nation's pets too. Why not try organising an event yourself or if not see what's happening in your area.

It's all about having some fun while raising money for a good cause. There is a huge range of events to choose from including parades, dog and cat shows, sponsored walks, raffles, open days and roadshows.

Do you own pets and love to pamper them? Or do you enjoy showing off your furry friend at competitions? Leave a commment and tell us about your pets.

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