Aviva reviews premiums after Zonda test driver smash

Insurance giant Aviva is reviewing some motor insurance policies after shelling out £300k to repair a smashed Pagani Zonda S at the end of last year.

Certain motor trade policies that cover test drivers and car dealers on all vehicles are being scrutinised to ensure policyholders aren't driving exceptionally valuable vehicles like the Zonda unexpectedly. Some customers are being asked to provide a list of every vehicle driven in the last year – which could be an impossible task for some.

Aviva is reacting after a professional test driver, who was covered by the firm, caused extensive damage to a Zonda on a public road in Scotland, and had to claim using his own private policy.
Even though the £550k supercar was very badly damaged, it was still cheaper to have it shipped back to Pagani HQ in Italy for refurbishment than write off the loss.

Here's hoping the professional test driver in question had his no claims protected. And that it doesn't push our premiums up!
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