Post easter diets

Maya Driver

For dieters, Easter is full of temptation. Only Christmas causes more damage in terms of calories. So what should you do if you have succumbed to chocolate? Here is some advice to help you get back on track.

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Once the last crème egg has disappeared it's time to get back to your usual routine. Drinking lots of water will help. Over the next few days after Easter try to eat lighter by cutting down on carbs like pasta and bread. Top up on fruit and vegetables after all, spring is a great time to enjoy nature's harvest.

For some it's easier to follow a specific diet so here are five of the most popular diets that could help you lose weight:

Slimming World diet there are two types of plans you can follow here, 'Green Days' or 'Original Days'. On 'Green Days' you choose from a wide range of free foods. You can eat unlimited amounts of these, selecting from vegetables, fruit and starches like pasta and potatoes. However, if meat is more your thing then the 'Original Days' may be for you. You will be able to eat proteins like meat and fish as well as fruit and vegetables. This can be a healthy diet as it encourages you to eat your five a day. The success of this plan lies in the way it drastically cuts down on your calories.

Weight Watchers this is a point based diet system. The amount of points you have to play with depends on how much weight you want to drop. The points are based on nutritional content but the programme's success is down to the support base provided and the fact that you have to log what you eat.

Detox diet after one chocolate indulgence too many a lot of us will be considering a dose of detox. The object is to rid the body of the toxins we have put into it with a poor diet. The food types on these diets include organic fruit and vegetables, juice, herbal tea and water. The secret of the detox diet is that it is very low in calories but the problem is they can eliminate certain food types and are not well balanced enough for long-term use.

Low fat diet fats tend to be very high in calories so cutting them out of your food choices will certainly help you shift weight. Cheese, chips, mayonnaise, butter and chocolate are all replaced with lower fat versions. This option is very good at encouraging you to eat more fruit and vegetables. Take care though; many low fat option foods make up for the lack of fat with sugar and salt.

The GI diet this regime works by measuring the Glycaemic Index in food which is the time it takes carbohydrates to cause a rise in your blood sugar levels. Low GI foods make you feel fuller for longer. This diet can be very beneficial, not just because it helps you get slimmer but because it's probably the closest diet to nationally recommended healthy eating advice.

As well as the dieting it is important to get out and do some exercise. There are plenty of ways to increase your level of physical activity without having to join the gym. It doesn't have to be tedious either: walk more when you can and avoid taking the car or bus.

Gardening is a great way to burn of those extra pounds - try a bit of digging or weeding. How about strutting your stuff on the dance floor? Dancing is a great way to stay in shape and have some fun as well. There are plenty of things you can do as a family. Why not get the bikes out and enjoy the fresh spring air?