Life after scrappage: what are the choices?

The Government's scrappage scheme that lopped £2,000 off the price of a new car has ended – but don't worry, there are still deals to be had.

The popular scheme was responsible for finding homes for around 350,000 new cars and makers are desperate to keep buyers walking into showrooms in 2010. Autoblog has rounded up some of the best incentives on offer from the manufacturers.


You'll get a minimum £2,000 trade-in price against any new British-built car. It applies to part exchanges seven years or older and your car needs to have a valid MOT, and you must have owned it for a minimum of a year. But unlike the scrappage scheme, your old car won't be crushed. Instead Nissan is off-setting costs by selling these cars on.


The Blue Oval has introduced a raft of lower-priced models. The list prices of the Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy have all been trimmed with up to 15 per cent off. The Mondeo starts from £17,295, S-Max from £20,645 and Galaxy from £22,945. These cars are called Blue Tag models, and Ford promises more will join the range later this year.


Always one for a clever title, Kia has called its post-scrap offer the Seven Year Switch. It plays on the marque's industry-leading seven-year warranty and the fact the deal is aimed at owners of cars seven years and older. It guarantees a trade-in discount of £1,500 on the Picanto, Rio and Venga, or a £2,000 saving on Soul and Cee'd. Your trade-in must have an MOT and you must have owned it for at least six months. The deal is available until the end of April.


The Japanese maker is offering savings across certain models in its range. The exact amount of discount depends on the model, but for the greatest discount you need to take out a finance package. With this included you can save £1,400 on a Mazda3 diesel, £1,500 on Mazda6 and £2,000 on a Mazda5. And if it's an MX-5 you're after, you're in luck – include the finance deal and you'll get £2,250 off.


Happy Swapping is available to buyers of Skodas trading in a 52-plate car or older. This will save you at least £2,000, which takes the entry price for the brand down to £7,340.
The usual scrappage provisos apply – the old car must have an MOT, be taxed and insured, and have been owned by the new car buyer for at least three months.


Swappage has taken over scrappage here too. Toyota buyers can get a £2,000 saving on the price of eligible new models, which include the Yaris, Auris and Avensis. The marque says it's better than scrappage, with cars aged seven years and older eligible. As with others, the proviso is the traded-in cars have tax, insurance, a current MOT and you've owned it for a year.


The Korean maker won big under scrappage and hopes its Trade & Upgrade deal will continue the theme in 2010. It's a generous scrappage-type scheme that gives owners of cars aged over seven years the same £2,000 discount as before.
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