Car cover gets with the digital age

Ever wondered why your insurance company couldn't send you a certificate via email or let you download it from a server? Well, up until now, it wasn't allowed.

However, the government has announced that as of April 20, electronic delivery for insurance certificates will be deemed a 'durable medium'.
Why does that matter to you? Well if, for example, you bought a car in the morning, then insured it, a certificate delivered electronically would mean you could then tax it the same day at the post office.

Currently some post offices can get sniffy about photocopied or printed out certificates, but now they'll have to accept them and you won't have to wait until one turns up in the post to get your car taxed.

'This legislation will mean you'll be able to get your car taxed the same day and the post office won't be able to refuse a printed out certificate any more,' said a spokesman for AA Insurance.

'Why they did before is beyond me because insurance certificates are black and white anyway - how did they know?

'We're delighted that the promise made by transport minister Paul Clark last November has been fulfilled when he said that the necessary legislation, which had already been drafted, would be made law in April 2010.'

AA Insurance will now offer documents in PDF format to all customers, but you'll still be able to opt for printed records if you prefer. It's likely most insurers will follow suit.
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