Autoblog embraces April Fools' Day

Take care as you surf the internet today; April Fools is upon us, and many news sites will have slipped a fictional story amongst its factual content.

Fortunately, that isn't necessary here at Autoblog because there's a cavalcade of major manufacturers more than happy to produce a humorous press release on the first day of April.

We've separated the wheat from the chaff, and rounded up our favourites from a day of PR mischief.

BMW Political Roundel Attachment Tag

BMW has created a unique way for customers to personalise their cars ahead of the general election. The manufacturer's Political Roundel Attachment Tag (or PRAT) is a limited addition BMW badge available in the colours of all major UK parties.

The BMW press office must have been working round the clock to come up with that acronym, but they do get extra points for being topical. No doubt the Green Party will be on the phone demanding to know where their PRAT badge has got to...

Hyundai moves into funerals

Hyundai is offering sentimental drivers the option of having their faithful old motor buried in one of three new 'Garages of Rest' for £2000. The less sensitive can have their number plate partially buried in the 'Car Park of Remembrance' for £750.

Very apt japery from Hyundai. No other manufacturer sent quite as many cars to the grave during scrappage as the Korean giant. We also liked the press releases reference to the 'Car Cuddler' which gently massages your former pride and joy into respectful cube.

Infiniti announces world's first in-car hunger monitoring

Nissan's luxury brand reveals a range of new systems aimed at reducing the dangers of driving while hungry. A dash mounted Active Noise Control detects the sound of a driver's rumbling tummy and flashes up a knife and fork on the Infiniti's Connectiviti information screen.

Someone somewhere is probably working on this. There is already a system which watches your face for signs of tiredness, the stomach is probably next. The system could be sponsored by McDonald's drive-thru. Infiniti also suggested that the car's climate control could waft the smell of truffle oil through the cabin; we'd spec that tomorrow given the choice.

Seat unveils long-lasting Leon Ecomotive Prototype

Seat has re-engineered a Leon to include a 545-litre fuel tank which gives the prototype a range of 10,000 miles between fill-ups. The car has sacrificed its rear seats to accommodate the tank, but the car need only be refuelled by the dealer at servicing intervals.

Good to see that Seat's press office isn't afraid to have a sly dig at the often fictional ranges dictated by manufacturers when punting their latest eco model. Nice idea as well – especially if the fill-up is covered by the car's warranty. Seat also helpfully pointed out that the huge fuel tank would be entirely safe in an accident as diesel doesn't explode on contact with an open flame.

Chancellor adds 1p to the price of fuel

The government has decided to add a penny to the price of petrol despite the country facing the highest fuel prices ever recorded.

Brilliantly played April Fools by the Chancellor; a deeply unpopular rise in duty just before a general election. He even went to the trouble of sneaking it into the actual budget. We admire the guts it takes to play this kind of gag utterly straight-faced. Imagine if it had been true...
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