Mitsubishi lands iMiev with £38,000 price tag

Mitsubishi has gone big on the pricing for its revolutionary iMiev – the little plug in motor is going to cost £38,699.

Granted the iMiev launches on the same day that the UK government's £5,000 subsidy begins, 1 Jan 2011, but that still means a little electric car will set you back in excess of £33,000.

Mitsubishi is treating the iMiev just like any other production vehicle, so there will be no special leasing schemes with guaranteed buy-back agreements like there were with the manufacturer's test cars.Mitsubishi hopes to sell 500 units in the first year, but expects this number to increase each year. The price will also come down over time as production increases.

The iMiev should also prove cheap to run as it'll only cost 96p for a full charge, which will allow an 80 mile range. It will also be exempt from road tax, get free parking in certain city centres and be cheap to service as it only has four moving parts. It also offers four full seats, where the Mini E – one of the only other electric cars to have been trialled – only has two.

Despite the high price, Mitsubishi has already taken two deposits and has had around 150 enquiries at its recently established electric vehicle centre in London.
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