Audi A1 prices revealed

Audi's hotly anticipated A1 might not be available to order until May, but the manufacturer has already revealed the supermini's prices on its customer website.

The cheapest A1, powered by the 84bhp 1.2 TFSI engine, will arrive at dealerships with a price tag of £13,145. The most expensive, a 120bhp 1.4 TFSI with 7-speed S tronic transmission and S line trim will be £18,280, while the cheapest diesel, the 1.6 TDI SE, will cost £14,180.

The A1 was never going to be cheap, but a quick look at the car's competitors reveals how bold Ingolstadt believes it can be with the pricing of its premium supermini.
The basic Mini One, with a larger 95bhp 1.4-litre engine is £12,730, while the Cooper S, powered by the superb 175bhp 1.6-litre lump and a six-speed manual is £17,015. The difference at the bottom of the range may be negligible, but the top spec A1 will have its work cut out convincing buyers that it is a thousand pounds better than the considerably more powerful Cooper S.

Things look slightly better on the oil burner front; the Cooper D is priced at £15,185. This is considerably more expensive than the base spec A1 diesel, but it's worth noting that better trim levels will sharply increase the cost. The Sport model, with the same 1.6 TDI and five-speed manual will be £15,980.

Of course the Mini will be the A1's closest rival, and Audi will hope the fresh design of its new car will trump BMW's supermini in the eyes of potential customers. But the segment is a tough one, and both the Citroen DS3 and the Ford Fiesta are capable of enticing upmarket buyers not suffering from badge snobbery.

The entry level DS3 95bhp 1.4 VTI is £11,700, and the Fiesta 1.25-litre Studio is £11,536. Comparing base spec models with the premium Audi might be a little unfair, but if we use the cheapest A1 as a comparison, prospective customers will have the choice of the 120bhp 1.6 VTI DS3 at £13,700 and the 94bhp 1.4-litre Fiesta Edge at £13,324.

Both cars offer a dynamically rewarding drive, a well-trimmed interior and are conspicuously good-looking. The Ford may be overpriced (although the diesels are slightly better value) but the Citroen seems like decent value for money. Either way there will be plenty for buyers to consider come the summer.

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