On video: McLaren MP4-12C

It isn't every car company that can call on two Formula One world champions to promote the launch of a new model, but with McLaren basing the success of the MP4-12C on the strength of their race heritage it was inevitable that its high profile, all-English driver pairing would be lending a little glamour to the supercar's official unveiling.

It goes without saying that Button and Hamilton adored their employer's new road car (for a less biased opinion read Will Powell's blog from the press conference) but at least the video gives us the opportunity to see and hear the MP4-12C in action.

While plenty of question marks remain over the choices the British manufacturer has made in building their first road car since the peerless F1, no one doubts the quality of the MP4's engineering or the technical prowess of the team behind it. If the note of that bespoke V8 engine is anything to go by the tame-by-comparison McLaren will be some car.
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