Hennessey uses Lotus Elise as base for its Venom GT supercar

Tom Webster

We like the Lotus Elise and the Exige hardtop equivalent at Autoblog UK ; it is a cheap way to have a lot of fun in a car that keeps things simple.

It seems we are not the only fans of the British sports car, as American Tuner Hennessey has decided to use the Exige as the basis for its outrageously-powered supercar, the Venom GT.

Although the car is supposed to be finished and launched by 30 March, all we have to look at for now is a shadowy teaser image and a couple of sketches. However, the points of real interest are the power statistics that the company claims are due – there will be a choice of a 725, 1,000, and a 1,200bhp model. The standard Exige only offers a paltry-by-comparison 218bhp.