Dear Volkswagen Golf R....

Dear Golf R,

I wanted to say thank you for an unforgettable weekend we spent together. When you first arrived I have to say that I wasn't immediately won over. I thought you looked a little too ordinary, with only your subtly different grille and twin tailpipes hinting at your hidden capabilities. I climbed into your sporty front seats and felt them hold me tight as I turned the key for the first time. I was met with a sweet-sounding rumble from your exhausts – another hint at what was to come.

We ventured through all terrain, where each of your charms began to win me over. Through the town you impressed with well-cushioned suspension which tackled even the greatest of pot holes with poise. Your cabin offers a little haven away from it all, quiet and uninterrupted by any outside chaos. When we decided to showcase your dynamic talents on a b-road, again you shone. Your stiffer suspension and new 4WD system helped to grip as we passed quickly through each corner, with a composed and assured feel, whilst your steering was sharp and responsive. It really was an entertaining drive.
Yet on the motorway you showed a more sophisticated and mature demeanour. Effortlessly quick and yet as refined as a car in the class above, you delivered me home safe and sound each night.

You really are a very rapid little car. Capable of 0-62mph in just 5.7 seconds, it's easy to see why you are the fastest production car Volkswagen has ever built. And the noise you make when we're really pushing on is addictive. It's not in-your-face loud, but the combination of your engine revving hard and that heady exhaust rumble is like music to my ears.

You might not be as exciting as the Focus RS to drive, or as outlandishly-styled as the Megane Renaultsport 250 Cup, but then these are cars that one might take a fancy to for a quick fling or two; perhaps even a few dates.

But you, Golf R, are a car to marry.

Much love.
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