Grassing up Granny for bad driving

According to an online poll from IAM ( Institute of Advanced Motorists ) 73 percent of us would inform the authorities if they were concerned about an elderly relative's driving abilities.

Despite 77 percent saying that they thought younger drivers posed a greater risk on the road than those over the age of 70, the poll found 68 percent believed that re-taking a driving test at 70 would improve road safety.

Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said, "The IAM believes we need to reassure the public that older drivers do not represent a disproportionate risk. Eight per cent of drivers are over 70 and they are involved in around four per cent of injury crashes. But 15 per cent of drivers are in their teens and 20s and they are involved in 34 per cent of injury crashes – a far higher number."