Mark Owen joins growing list of cheating celebrities

The list of celebrities confessing all about their various extra-marital affairs seems to be growing by the day. Latest to take their place in the confessional is Take That's Mark Owen, adored by millions of now not-so-teenage girls and recently married.

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According to today's Sun newspaper, Mark has told his wife Emma of his many romantic dalliances (it seems he can't be sure quite how many there were) and is hoping that a fresh start will pave the way for an open and honest marriage.

But is the celebrity confession just the latest weapon in the public relations arsenal? Vernon Kay, whose recent 'sexting' revelations were exposed by the tabloids, has managed to save his marriage to Strictly presenter Tess Daly. Even Tiger Woods' wife appears to be on the brink of forgiving his astonishing string of affairs now that he has publicly apologised for the TV cameras. And John Terry, despite being the terraces' number one hate figure, is seemingly back in his wife's good books despite cheating with his footballing friend's missus.

In fact, the only celebrity cheat currently feeling the wrath of his loved one is Ashley Cole – and as it happens, he avoided the public confession entirely.

As for Mark Owen, he announced his guilt by saying: "I have been an idiot, a d**khead, a kn**head. All of the above and more. It's about me, my mistakes, nobody else is to blame." But since his bed-hopping has clearly been going on for some time, why tell the media?

So are these media tell-alls just an attempt to gain sympathy from partners and fans, or would celebrities be best keeping their private lives private?
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