Get ready for 3D TV

Industry leaders are all hoping 2010 will be the year that 3D television finally breaks through. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show all the major players unveiled their versions of the technology that will bring 3D to your living room.

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Manufacturers are putting their faith and finance into the launch after what has been a challenging period for the industry. Many believe 3D could kick start the market and the outlook seems promising after a survey in the US revealed sale figures could reach three and a half million in the first year.

The movie industry has waited years for 3D to take off. With Avatar doing phenomenal business and several other big movies like Shrek Goes Fourth and Toy Story 3 in the pipeline there is real optimism that the 3D revolution is here to stay.

Sky claims the technology could be in homes in time for the London Olympics. So why's it taken so long? After all, the technology has been around for decades. The problem is, despite improvements in 3D viewing, you still need to wear headgear. TV is also quite limited in terms of its size. To make the most of your viewing you need to see the image head on, this is fine in the cinema but not so practical in the living room.

Cost is also a problem. To capture images in a way that generates 3D footage is expensive and it will be difficult to persuade broadcasters to invest. Many consumers have only just upgraded to high definition sets and may not be ready for another expense. To be successful manufacturers will need to look carefully at their pricing if they want 3D to become a permanent fixture in our front rooms

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