AMG announces Bi-Turbo V

Claire Edwards

This is the latest picture of Mercedes new AMG S63 concept car which showcases the firm's new AMG Bi-Turbo 5.5-litre V8 engine.

The new engine will replace the current 6.2-litre AMG and appear for the first time in the production version of the S63 AMG which is due to go on sale this summer.

Although the engine is of smaller capacity, it will offer considerably more power and torque than the outgoing engine and promises better fuel efficiency too. Peak power of 537bhp – up from 518bhp – is now available lower down in the rev range (5,500rpm as opposed to 6,800rpm) while it develops 590lb ft pulling power (torque) spread between 2,000rpm and 4,500rpm compared to the 464lb ft produced in the 6.2-litre unit.