Motor racing legend Stirling Moss in hospital after lift-shaft fall

Sir Stirling Moss has reportedly broken both ankles in a fall down a lift shaft at his home in London.

The 80-year-old F1 legend also suffered further breaks to his feet and damaged vertebrae after the accident, which happened on the weekend. A malfunction meant the lift stopped one floor higher than it was supposed to. As a result, Sir Stirling stepped into an empty space and fell three floors.
He was initially admitted to the London Hospital, but was then moved to the Princess Grace Hospital, where surgery was carried out.

Despite the injuries, Sir Stirling is said to be in good spirits, and has been distracting himself by complaining about the hospital food.

He is widely regarded as the best formula one driver never to win the world championship, having won 16 races overall and finished runner up in the title battle on four occasions.
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