On video: Audi RS5

The A1 was such an overwhelming presence at Geneva that it was easy to overlook Audi's other major debutant, the RS5. Nevertheless, we're looking forward to the car at least as much as the premium hatchback, not least because it is the spiritual successor to the excellent RS4.

Following the RS5's official unveiling at Geneva, Audi has released this video showing the car on the road. There were murmurs at the show that the new RS does not look significantly different from the S5 and should perhaps have been given more visual charisma, but that isn't what you notice watching the video. It's the sonorous, oily note of the V8 engine which immediately fills you with a sense of longing.

Otherwise the RS5 looks as poised as you'd expect. Make your own mind up about the styling, but from first hand experience we can say that the interior is another Ingolstadt masterpiece of fit and finish. Part way through the video, Audi throws in a Quattro to underline the RS5's heritage; if the current car attains even a quarter of that car's legendary status it will have done very well indeed.