Geneva Motor Show: Vauxhall unveils Flextreme

Tom Webster

The Flextreme concept car is Vauxhall's latest attempt to make the eco-friendly car market attractive and accessible, taking many elements of its hybrid Ampera and re-working them.

A development of the Ampera's drivetrain sits underneath a brand-new bodyshell – it uses an electric motor to power the car most of the time, and a small capacity petrol engine to provide a boost when the battery runs low. The Flextreme is designed as a flagship for the Vauxhall range, rather than as a direct replacement for any of the cars in the current range.

"It is trying to create something above Insignia – it is a statement for a top-of-the-line luxury four seater," said Vauxhall's exterior design director Malcolm Ward. "It is indicating that the E-rev technology doesn't have to stop with the Ampera."