Facebook addicts updating behind the wheel

Social networking addicts are checking and updating their Facebook and Twitter statuses while driving, according to a survey today.

As many as one in 20 drivers are updating their social networking profiles on their mobile phones while in their cars. Five percent have admitted to the practice, while 2 percent have gone as far as posting an update or sending an email while in charge of a car.

Despite tougher laws that can see offenders get points on their licence for using a mobile phone while driving, many drivers have also confessed to making and answering calls.As many as 31 percent said they had taken a call while driving while 22 percent had made a call. The survey of 2,000 motorists suggested that respondents may not have been telling the whole truth – 52 percent said they had been in a car with someone who had taken or made a call while driving.

Texting is continuing to be a problem as well, with 28 percent saying they had read a text at the wheel, and 18 percent going as far as to send one.

Halfords in car technology expert, Clare Pritchard said: "Whilst it is always better to pull into a safe place and stop the car before using the phone, most drivers will continue to want the security and reassurance of a mobile phone whilst on the move.

'However it seems there is still some way to go in ensuring that drivers who do use mobile phones do so legally and drive with due care and attention."
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