New Porsche Cayenne revealed

Porsche Cayenne
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New Porsche Cayenne revealed

Porsche has revealed the first official pictures of its new Cayenne ahead of the SUV's official debut at the Geneva show.

The latest generation of Porsche's best-seller gets an angular new body and more power across the range, but the manufacturer insists that the biggest improvement to the Cayenne is the significant rise in fuel economy compared to previous models, as well as the introduction of the manufacturer's first petrol-hybrid drivetrain.

At 193g/km CO2, the £57,610 Cayenne S Hybrid will have the lowest emissions of any Porsche. The car combines a 330bhp 3.0-litre supercharged V6 with a 45bhp electric motor to enabling it to deliver 34mpg without sacrificing the performance buyers will expect from the badge.The engine and electric motor can operate individually or in tandem to provide a maximum output of 375bhp. Porsche claims the Hybrid can operate at speeds of up to 40mph on electric power alone, but the SUV's range is likely to be severely limited in this mode.

The Hybrid is also capable of disengaging the V6-motor completely at speeds of up to 97mph when no further power is required. Porsche has dubbed this 'sailing mode' and says that by eliminating the braking effect of the engine it has further improved the car's fuel consumption.

We suspect the effect of this unique cruising ability may actually be quite slight, but the S Hybrid is a clear indication that Porsche are serious about reducing the brand's CO2 emissions. It's worth noting though that the new 240bhp 3.0-litre V6 Cayenne Diesel emits only slightly more (195g/km) and returns a superior 38mpg for around £13k less than its admittedly quicker sibling.

The entire Cayenne range benefits from a serious reduction in weight thanks to new materials and a lightweight all-wheel drive transmission. The S model, for example, is 180kg lighter than its predecessor.

Porsche has also chosen the Cayenne to debut its new eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox. The automatic transmission will feature a wider spread of gears ratios and a Start Stop function for greater economy.

The entry-level Cayenne will get a 297bhp 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine and a £41,404 price tag when it arrives at UK dealers. Above that, the £53,693 S comes with a 4.8-litre V8 delivering 396bhp, while the range-topping £81,589 Turbo model adds twin-turbochargers to produce 500bhp. Porsche insists that, despite power increases, the V8 delivers 23 per cent better fuel consumption than the previous generation.

Inside, the Cayenne promises to be more spacious thanks to a 40mm longer wheelbase, and introduces a brand new interior with a rising centre console. The rear seat bench can be moved backwards and forwards by 160mm for greater flexibility.

Following its appearance at Geneva, the new Porsche Cayenne will go on sale in the UK in May.

Click below to see the reveal video.

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