Naughty Volvos are coming, Volvo hopes

Nic Cackett

Volvo is not an exciting brand. The company has a safe, dependable, slightly mumsy image that has made the XC60 and its like a hit outside the school gates, but condemned the rest of the range to awkward anonymity.

Part of the blame for this must fall on the products themselves. Successive Volvo saloons have been remarkably dull to drive, and the C30 even manages to suck all the poise from its undoubtedly excellent Ford Focus underpinnings. A fantastic new car is what the manufacturer badly needs if it's to rebuild under Chinese ownership.

Step forward the Volvo S60.

Volvo has already touted its new saloon as the most dynamic car it has ever produced, and this teaser video suggests there is a belief within the company that it could be the model to instil a little bit of excitement back into the Scandinavian brand. Handbrake turns and goldfish aren't a bad place to start. Click to watch.