Cheryl Cole opts for speed over cash in divorce battle

Another celebrity couple bit the dust this week as Ashley Cole's infidelities finally caught up with him. News of suspicious X-rated snaps of the Chelsea footballer first surfaced a couple of weeks ago, but Mr Cole laughed off the photos insisting that a friend of a friend had, in fact, sent them to a glamour model. But his tangled web rapidly unravelled as a further three women came forward to expose Ashley as a cheating hubby.

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Cheryl, on the other hand, has handled the situation with a quiet dignity, escaping to LA to ponder her future before returning to the UK to announce the separation. And now The Sun reports that Cheryl won't be joining the ranks of Heather Mills and others who have taken the bitter divorce route.

According to today's tabloids, the X Factor judge is keen to forget about the whole sordid affair as quickly as possible and, in the interests of speed, will not be fighting for any of Ashley's cash. Ashley currently makes a substantial £120,000 a week at Chelsea, his career earnings are estimated at £30 million and he boasts a garage full of expensive motors as well as properties in London and Dubai.

Of course, Cheryl's success is such that she barely needs financial support and the Geordie lass has always been proud that she has no need to "ask Ashley for a penny". But having stood by her husband once before, in the wake of an alleged affair with hairdresser Aimee Walton, Cheryl has faced further humiliation almost daily as revelations about Ashley's romantic dalliances hit the headlines.

So is it right that Ashley should get away without paying for his infidelities, or is it refreshing to see a celebrity divorce that is not a bitter cash-grabbing battleground?
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