Hyundai plans 310bhp monster coupe for 2011

Hyundai is planning to bring a 310bhp 3.8-litre coupe to the UK in the middle of 2011, according to the brand's managing director Tony Whitehorn.

The Korean manufacturer is looking to add another string to its bow following the scrappage-inspired UK sales success of 2009, and believes a big eight-cylinder engine is the way to do it.

A Genesis coupe has been sold in America since 2009 (see picture above), but Whitehorn says this has not been an option for the UK market so far."We can't bring the US version to Europe because of emissions regulations," explained Whitehorn. "But it gets a facelift in 2011 so we are hoping to get it then."

However, if a V8-engined Genesis does come to the UK, don't expect to see many on the roads. "We would look to keep it as a halo model and sell very few through selected dealers," he said.

Should it arrive, the car would likely come with a £30,000 price tag, pitching it as a muscular alternative to likes of the Audi TT and the Nissan 370Z.
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