Netbooks, notebooks and tablets, which is best for you?

Maya Driver

Tablet PCs have been around for years but have never achieved real commercial success. Now Apple have launched the iPad that could all change. With their amazing track record Apple may make the iPad the next must have item but they are not the only players in the market. Netbooks and notebooks are already out there and the appetite for smaller, mobile computers is growing. If you are thinking of downsizing, the choice can be a bit confusing. So what's the difference?

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Smaller than a laptop but larger than a netbook, the notebook can be anything between 12 and 17 inches in diameter. In many ways they are laptops with all the same features and processing power only smaller. They were specifically designed to cater for the professional who needs a computer on the move. The Sony VAIO is popular notebook that comes in a range of models. You can expect to pay anything between £330.00 to £1400.00.

The netbook is generally smaller than a notebook but bigger than your mobile. It's aimed at the browsing community and has less power than a laptop or notebook. Netbooks are small, usually up to 10 inches in diameter and were particularly popular during the credit crunch with modest price tags of around £200.

A problem with the netbook is that they just don't have the power to cope with the demand for uploading, editing pictures and audio. However, the specifications have improved and the price tag is moving up. You can now easily pay around £350.00. Industry experts believe this may see the appeal of the netbook decline. Laptops are now very affordable and there may be little room in the market for a product with less capability but with a similar price tag. The new Asus EEE PC 1201N is out now and will cost you around £399.00.

The market is changing, even from last year. Laptop makers are designing ever thinner machines that have power but not the bulk. Mobility is a big factor and the future may lie in the new wave of tablet computers. Other than Apple, there are a host of players putting their tablets on the table. Dell, Freescale and HP are all In the process of releasing new products.

The tablet computer fills the space between the smartphone and the netbook. With its touch screen technology and slim line design, Apple is hoping the iPad will eventually replace the netbook. The tablet computer manufacturers are hoping to supply the buyer with e-reader capabilities as well as web browsing and standard PC function. The size will range from the iPad's 9.7 inch to Dell's much more modest 5 inch screen. There are a range of tablet style computers out there and you can expect to pay £376.00 for 32GB iPad or £439.00 for the 64GB. The Dell Latitude weighs in at £579.00.

Are you convinved by the new Apple tablet? Are you a fan of netbooks or notebooks? Leave a comment and share your opinions.