Midget Street - MG invites fans to name streets at Longbridge

MG has opened a potential can of worms by asking owners, club members and fans to suggest names for the redeveloped Longbridge plant site's new access roads.

There are five roads that SAIC, the Chinese company behind the reborn MG brand, is allowing fans to name. However, the company has stipulated that the names must "reflect the heritage of the MG brand".

Presumably, therefore, MG will not allow through anything too ridiculous, so don't expect 'Maestro Terrace' or 'Metro Grove' to make an appearance... Any references to the irony of a Chinese company brazenly strip-mining the heritage of a British brand will probably not go down well either.The deadline for submissions is Friday 26 February, suggestions should be made at www.mgmotor.co.uk.
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