Gumball 3000 founder puts XJ220S up for sale

Nic Cackett

Gumball 3000 founder, Maximillion Cooper, is selling his ultra-rare 1993 Jaguar XJ220S after 3 years of ownership which saw the car featured in hundreds of magazines around the world.

Cooper, a tireless self-promoter, bought the Jaguar in 2007, claiming it was the only supercar which had never featured in a Gumball rally. The XJ220S's exclusivity is legendary. The car was planned as lightweight, high performance version of the standard car that would form the basis of a fully-fledged race programme on Europe's GT circuits.

The racing car never materialised, and only five (or possibly six) XJ220Ss were built by Tom Walkinshaw Racing. TWR tuned the twin-turbo V6 to produce 650bhp and replaced much of the standard car's aluminum body panels with composite and carbon fibre to save weight.