Safest drivers pass second time

Passing your driving test second time is more likely to make you a better driver, according to a survey by Continental Tyres.

The nationwide study of 17 to 65 year old motorists showed that those who pass on their second attempt have fewer points on their licence and are less likely to suffer road rage or be stopped by the police.

Drivers who needed three or more attempts at passing their driving test were shown to have the worst record behind the wheel, with more reporting having run red lights, had their car clamped and hit stationary objects while trying to park.
Those that passed their test first time were more confident in the car and proficient at driving manoeuvres such as parallel parking and three-point turns. They were also the least likely to stall.

A total of 6,200 motorists were questioned about their driving history and skills over 20 different aspects of driving life including whether they would feel confident teaching others to drive and how often they take their eyes off the road.

How many times did you take your driving test before passing? Do you think it makes a difference to how well you drive? Let us know your thoughts below.
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