School run mums to blame for increase in gas-guzzlers

Will Powell

Meddling civil servants are blaming parents who drive their kids to school for a near-doubling in the number of large engine cars registered during the last ten years.

The Office for National Statistics' definition of large-engine cars includes popular saloons and hatchbacks like the Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Golf, because the ONS considers anything with an engine capacity greater than 2.0-litres to be 'large engined'. It's blaming school run mums for the prevalence of such vehicles on the road and the increase in CO2 that they bring.

Further ONS research suggests the number of kids aged five to ten travelling to school by car has gone up 16 percent in the last 17 years. The public-funded quango is linking the rise in larger engine vehicles to the increasing number of children it says are being taken to school by car.