On video: the ultimate XKR

Jaguar is set to unveil the fastest XK ever at next month's Geneva show.

An optional performance pack raises the XKR's electronically limited top speed from 155mph to 174mph.

While the Speed Pack adds a revised front splitter, rear diffuser and a larger spoiler to improve stability at high speeds, Jaguar has also introduced an exclusive styling package which includes 20-inch black alloys and matching exterior detailing.

"The car has always had the potential to reach speeds far beyond its original electronically limited maximum" Russ Varney, Chief Programme Engineer "many of our customers have expressed an interest in a car that can safely be driven faster where
conditions permit. The new Speed Pack allows them to release some of that potential."

Jaguar says the new top speed has been achieved by recalibrating the engine and gearbox rather than boosting the supercharged V8's power output.

Though £3500 might seem like quite a tidy sum to just have the electronic limiter cut in 19mph further round the dial, Jaguar is convinced its well-heeled customers will be keen to add the package to the XKR's £74,955 asking price. The styling 'Black Pack' is an additional £4000, and is only available in conjunction with the 'Speed Pack'.

See what you think of the ultimate XKR by clicking on the video above.
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