Schumacher: Mercedes can compete for the title

Michael Schumacher believes his new Mercedes has what it takes to be among the front runners for the title in the 2010 Formula One season.

"I am fully convinced that we have a car that is able to fight for the championship," said Schumacher of the MGP W01.

He stopped short of predicting that the team would walk away with the spoils at the end of the season though, telling the official Formula One website: "I am not somebody to predict the future. I believe in this team, and this belief in the challenge is enough for me."Schumacher also admitted the idea of him racing in F1 again has not fully sunk in, saying: "It was a very sudden decision, so we all have to get used to see me driving again - myself included..."

He told the site that the final plans before the beginning of the season included "fine tuning," "eliminating teething problems," and "getting reliability."
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