Video: Megane Coupe Cabriolet

Renault made a big fuss of the new two-piece full-length folding glass roof on its new Megane Coupe Cabriolet when it revealed the car last week.

While we're no fans of the Megane's painfully conservative hatchback body, we were duly impressed with the glazed roof. Some well hidden metal spars give the roof the illusion of an all-glass structure when it's up, and no doubt ensure a fantastic sensation sense of space from inside the cabin.

But until this video appeared we hadn't seen how the glass hard-top emerged from the Megane's body. Oh dear. Because the glazed section is so big, Renault has been forced to hinge a huge amount of bodywork to extract it from the boot. The result is a mechanism that functions with all the elegance and sophistication of the robot from Short Circuit.

The procedure may be over in 21 seconds, but we'd take the Mazda MX-5's hand-operated soft top any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
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