Spyker production begins in Coventry

Supercar maker and new Saab owner Spyker has begun production of its new Aileron model at a purpose-built facility in Coventry.

Spyker's assembly line was transferred from Zeewolde in Holland to the 20,000 sq ft plant operated by CPP (Manufacturing) Limited to save on costs as the majority of the Aileron's components are sourced from companies in the UK.

With one shift working, the new plant is capable of building up to five Ailerons a week. Forty new jobs will be created as result of Spyker's investment, swelling the workforce to 150.

Company founder Victor Muller called the moment a landmark in the history of Spyker. CPP produced the first prototype cars for the company when Muller resurrected the brand in 2000.

"This move makes sense on many different levels," he said. "CPP has been producing our body panels for 10 years and we have an extremely close working relationship with the company.

"In addition, this area has probably the richest heritage in car production of any region in the world. CPP has shown that the tradition of quality is very much alive and well in the Midlands region and in Coventry in particular, and that can only bring benefits to us."
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