How best to watch the Winter Olympics?

The Winter Olympics is just around the corner and it's going to be a visual feast for sports fans. So how can you be sure you are getting the best out of your viewing experience? Choosing the best LCD or plasma TV can seem a little overwhelming. There are dozens of television brands, multiple screen sizes, high-definition options and now new LED TVs available. It can make for a tricky decision.

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To get a really fantastic picture you will need an HDTV. High definition (HD) offers picture quality with four times more detail than standard definition (SD) TV which means brighter colour, detail and depth. Watching the Winter Olympics in HD will be an unforgettable experience. To watch HDTV you will need a set top box receiver. These are available from Sky, Virgin and Freesat.

There are a numerous HDTVs available and they come in different types known as LCD (liquid crystal display), Plasma and LED (light emitting diodes).

It was the case that plasmas were better for fast moving action as they didn't lose definition but the technology has improved and the trend for LCD is on the rise with many leading manufacturers abandoning plasma altogether.

Some recommendations:

Panasonic Viera TX-L32X10 32 inches, widescreen, LCD, HDTV, Stereo. Great value 32inch LCD TV. Price: £379 -£467.

Samsung PS-42B430 42 inches, widescreen, Plasma, HDTV. An affordable way to get big-screen, HD entertainment that will amaze and delight you. Price: £479

LG 22LH2000 22 inches, widescreen, LCD, HDTV. A small screen but impressive contrast. Good sound for a small TV. Price: £259.98

LG 32LH2000 32 inches, widescreen, LCD, HDTV, great value, sharp picture and sound. Price: £319.75 - £367.98

Samsung LE-32B530P7 32 inches, widescreen, LCD, HDTV 1080p. Highly rated, rich colour, good for dark shades and value for money. Price: £363 - £484.98

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