Mercedes offers public winter driving tips, for a fee

Mercedes-Benz World (or dad's playground as it's affectionately known in the office) has stepped into the road safety breech to offer motorists a course specially designed to prepare them for the challenges of driving in the snow and ice.

The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy staff will conduct the hour long, £100 course on a one-to-one basis, offering full instruction on everything from cornering, to pulling out on an icy road, to what to do in a spin.

The driving elements of the Winter Driving Course will take place on the Mercedes-Benz World's purpose-built handling circuits in Weybridge, Surrey and can be tailored to an individual driver's requirements.

There's even a first class museum on site to enjoy once you're done on the track. Be warned though, the facility is also a fully-functioning dealership; look like you're enjoying it too much, and there's every chance someone might try and sell you something.
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