'Leaked' DS3 pic keeps us guessing

Is this the new performance version of the Citroen DS3? Our colleagues at Autoblog Spanish certainly seem to think so.

Rumours of a DS3-R have been circulating for a while, and with the WRC version of the car due to replace the current C4 in 2011, it would be strange if Citroen didn't seize the opportunity to build a rival to the highly successful Mini Cooper – especially as the DS3's muscular proportions seem custom built for hot hatch flourishes.

Whether the pictures are accurate or not, the car pictured certainly seems to fit the bill. Flared wheel arches, a lower ride height, bigger brakes; expect all to feature on the forthcoming car. A 1.6-litre turbocharged four cylinder engine producing around 200bhp is predicted beneath the bonnet (this would make sense – PSA has access to such an engine) connected to a six-speed manual.

The DS3-R has also been tipped to appear at Geneva. We'll be lingering near the Citroen stand to see if that's true.