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Is it time you joined the latest social networking phenomenon that's attracting millions of followers around the globe?

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More than 55 million logged on to Twitter at the end of last year, made popular by celebs like Jonathan Ross, Demi Moore and Stephen Fry who attract hundreds of thousands of followers. More and more media announcements hit the headlines via Twitter. So how does it work and how do you get involved?

It's free and very easy to set up a Twitter account. You will have to create a profile, upload a photograph (if you want to), provide an email address and then you can start.

Updates are known as tweets. Once in you can search for your friends or even look up your favourite celeb.

With just 140 characters allowed updates are brief and just enough to let people know what you are up to. One update is sent out to all your followers via instant message, email and text. Twitter asks you one question, 'what are you doing?' You can upload pictures along with your Tweets and send updates by going to their site online or via your mobile.

More and more companies, news organisations and even governments are using the site to get their message out to the world. Go to Twitter homepage and sign up.

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