First Drive: Ford S Max Petrol Turbo

Jay Nagley

You may be wondering who would bother testing (let alone building) a petrol Galaxy or S Max, as 95% of them are sold with diesel engines. The answer is that Ford thinks this proportion is about to change radically, for two reasons. Firstly, the positive one.

A modern turbocharged petrol engine can offer most of the economy and torque (pulling power) benefits of a diesel, but at lower cost. Secondly, the negative one. Euro 5 emission regulations for diesels make a typical diesel about £1000 more expensive than an equivalent (non turbo) petrol engine in the showrooms.

When Euro 6 comes in 2015, which will make diesels effectively as clean as petrol engines, the cost penalty will be a lot higher. Most manufacturers reckon that, for all but the largest cars, it will be more cost effective to offer a turbo petrol than a Euro 6 diesel.